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Turquoise stone

Turquoise stone is a precious and beautiful jewel that has been considered by humans since ancient times and has been used a lot. In addition to the uses of fashion and jewelry, one of the uses of turquoise stone was therapeutic. This stone has been effective in the treatment of mental illness and also in the treatment of some diseases.

The effect of turquoise stone on mood

Turquoise stone is mentioned as a symbol of peace and tranquility. It is said that this stone causes love and kindness in the heart and honesty and correctness in action and intellect and wisdom in one’s actions.
The ancients referred to it as a symbol of good fortune and good fortune. Using turquoise stone to ward off negative energies, especially the evil eye, is very effective and it is used as a turquoise ring, turquoise necklace or turquoise stone.
Turquoise stone protects us against accidents and disasters, and this is due to the magnetic forces of this stone in absorbing positive energies and increasing relaxation. This stone is also effective in business prosperity and is used to make work easier.
It is said that this stone protects a person when traveling and away from home and also causes peace in the heart. Turquoise stone protects the user from possible dangers while riding.
The use of this stone gives inner peace to the heart and removes fear and anxiety and eradicates fear.
Turquoise is very good for pregnant women. It protects mother and child and immerses man in kindness, love, knowledge and art. It protects a person from the dangers of life, such as electric shock, the bites of poisonous animals, wounded eyes and being killed, and this strengthens the feeling of peace in the heart.

Meditation with turquoise stone

In the science of energy therapy and self-awareness, turquoise strengthens the fifth chakra or throat. Work problems, worries and inappropriate behaviors irritate and weaken this chakra, and for anyone who wants to strengthen this chakra, it is recommended to use turquoise stone in the form of a necklace close to the throat chakra. This increases a person’s ability to deal with the dangers of this chakra and strengthen it.
If turquoise is used for the seventh chakra or the third eye, which is located in the center of the forehead, it will increase the level of intuitive perception and increase intelligence and concentration, which will increase the positive feeling in the person, emotions such as love and knowledge. Increases the level of art.

Learn more about turquoise stone

Neyshabur turquoise is one of the best turquoises in the world. The turquoise mine of this city, located 40 km from the city center and in the city called the city of turquoise, is world famous and the best turquoise is extracted from there. The Turquoise Center of Iran also uses turquoise extracted from the same mine to cut, prepare and export its products to all over the world. Khorasan state in iran is a place for turquoise stone trade and Neyshabur is the largest turquoise city in Iran.

Types of Turquoise stone

Turquoise is a type of igneous mineral and has a hardness of 5-6, which can even be used to cut glass with turquoise. Turquoise stone colors are available from blue, green, blue-green to white.

Turquoise stone loses its water when exposed to heat and over time its color turns black and blue. Turquoise stone basically has two types, eastern and western, of which the eastern type, which is the turquoise of the center of turquoise in Iran, is much better and will never lose its color if used properly. But the Moroccan sample, which is mostly extracted from the United States, turns green over time.
If the turquoise stone loses its color or is crushed, it loses its energy, it must be buried in time to return to its former energy.

Historical beliefs of turquoise stone

It is said that in the past, victory in battles was always with the person who brought the turquoise stone with him, that is why they named this stone the victor, and as it was said in other articles on this website, the turquoise stone means the word victory.

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