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turquoise jewelry

One of the most beautiful stones that can be found in nature is turquoise, which is extracted in the color range of blue to green. Turquoise is found in the United States, Egypt, India, Iran, etc., but the best type is Neyshabur turquoise, which has many fans around the world.
In addition to the unique appearance, another thing that distinguishes turquoise stone from other decorative stones is the properties of turquoise and its many healing properties. In the past, it was believed that turquoise stone could cure many diseases, and this belief made many people interested in turquoise.

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Turquoise is a valuable and unique mineral that due to the presence of iron phosphate, copper and chromium, its color spectrum varies between blue and green. Turquoise has long been considered by various tribes and the ancient Egyptians used it to decorate the environment and jewelry. Native Americans also valued turquoise and used it to treat their physical and mental illnesses. Turquoise stone exists in different parts of the world, but  turquoise stone can be considered the best of them.
turquoise is extracted from the mines located in the upper mine village with an annual production capacity of 19 tons; Also, the reserves of this mine are estimated at about 9,000 tons.  Turquoise Mine is one of the oldest mines in the world, from which turquoise mining is 2000 years old. Neyshabour turquoise is considered the best turquoise in the world due to its very special color and high quality turquoise stone.

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Turquoise stone is one of the best stones to use as jewelry due to its great beauty and extraordinary energy. If you are interested in turquoise, contact us. We prepare any turquoise you want.

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Just select the turquoise you want and contact us in the contact section and footer so that the turquoise can be sent to you as soon as possible and you can receive it at home.