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neyshabur turquoise

Turquoise stone has many fans around the world due to its special beauty, and the use of turquoise stone in jewelry has been common for many years. Turquoise is different in each region, but one of the most expensive turquoise stones in the world is Neyshabur Turquoise. neyshabur turquoise stone is the most popular turquoise which is very popular. Some turquoise stones are uniformly blue and on others there are brown or black streaks that depending on this color combination, determine the final price of neyshabur turquoise.

how to Buy neyshabur turquoise?

Neishabour turquoise jewel is used in making necklaces, rings and bracelets, and is also engraved on this jewel.

neyshabur turquoise stones

History of neyshabur Turquoise

neyshabur turquoise is very old and the most credible proof of this claim is the existence of a 7,000-year-old turquoise calf statue that is currently kept inside the Museum of Ancient Iran. Although turquoise has been discovered in parts of the United States, Egypt and China in the past, the first place in terms of quality and color is allocated to Neyshabur turquoise.

Types of neyshabur turquoise stones

Turquoise is classified into two types of tree turquoise and Ajami turquoise depending on its appearance.

neyshabur Ajami Turquoise

The most expensive type of Neishabour Turquoise is Ajami, which is very popular among Arab countries. Turquoise stones that are uniformly blue and do not show any streaks on them are called Ajami turquoise stones and because of their stunning appearance, many people prefer to use them in their jewelry.

neyshabur Shajri Turquoise

On some turquoise stones, there are dark brown or black (sometimes golden) streaks that combine with turquoise blue to give a unique effect to the gift stone. Veined turquoise stones are called Shajari turquoise stones and have a more suitable price than Ajami stones.

Buy neyshabur Turquoise

When buying turquoise, you should pay much attention to the originality of the stone. In order to buy natural turquoise stone and avoid buying counterfeit stone, you should make your purchase from reputable stores such as NeyGem so that you can rest easy thinking about the quality of Neishabour turquoise stone.

Neyshabur Turquoise Price

The prices of different types of turquoise stones vary depending on the type, we have the most suitable prices to offer to you due to its proximity to Neishabour turquoise mine, contact us.