Buy the finest turquoise stone

Buy the finest turquoise stone

Beautiful stones extracted from one of the best turquoise mines in the world, Neyshabour Turquoise

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Turquoise jewelry

Turquoise jewelry

Buy handmade turquoise products from traditional turquoise cutters in Neyshabour

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lump sum purchase turquoise stones Contact us to view more photos quick access: NeyshaburTurquoise Turquoise turquoise stone

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From the best types of turquoise stones, excellent and beautiful cutting. Suitable for rings, jewelry and collections. Turquoise Shajari Turquoise

neyshabur turquoise stone

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Original turquoise from Neishabour turquoise mine, machined by the masters of turquoise in the traditional lathes of this city. Very

neyshabur turquoise stone

What is NeyGem?

NeyGem is a place to buy the best turquoise jewelry from the largest turquoise mine in Neishabour. Original and diverse products in line with your interests, dear ones. If you are looking for the most suitable turquoise or you want to have a small or large volume of turquoise, contact us.

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